Adam Stockberger

Magnitude Mobile Marketing

Direct Phone: 6055952623

Address: 610 w 49th st

City: Sioux Falls

State: South Dakota

Zip: 57105

Industry: Advertising

Years in Business: 5

Born & raised in northern Indiana but, a true South Dakotan for over 25 years (now you somewhat know my age). Married to my high school sweetheart, Amy, for over half my life. I’m a father to 2 wonderful boys, Logan & Legend. I’m co-owner and Responsible Broker for Amy Stockberger Real Estate (ASRE). I spent 15 years in the banking world as a loan officer and rounded out my last couple years in the electronic payment systems that have become very much a norm in this day & age. I obtained my real estate license in 2009 and have utilized my banking background and contractual experience in helping our clients maneuver through what can be their biggest purchase ever! I passionately believe in providing a wonderfully professional experience for my clients by providing supreme customer service & care. The navigational waters of a real estate transaction can be stressful and confusing. My knowledge in both banking and real estate allows me to be empathetic and compassionate to the goals of what my clients need in that chapter of their lives.

What's your main Unique Selling Proposition?

Digital & mobile billboard advertising

Who is a good lead for you?

Companies looking for unique advertising opportunities

What results will clients see from your services/products?

Increase in customer base/company awareness