Alysia Simunek

Rough Cut Social

Direct Phone: (605) 261-2378

Address: 119 W 10th Street

City: Sioux Falls

State: SD

Zip: 57104

Industry: Axe Throwing Bar

Years in Business: 5

“I was born and raised in Canton and moved back to the Sioux Falls area after attending the University of South Dakota. I have specialized in various areas of customer service, training, finance, and event planning throughout my career, eventually leading me to Escape 605/Rough Cut Social. I have found working in events and entertainment is very rewarding and I thoroughly enjoy celebrating every little milestone with people.

Sioux Falls’ first axe throwing venue! Think darts but better! We’re entertaining the Dakotas with a slew of social games and plenty of drinks and snacks to keep you satisfied between axe throwing. There‚Äôs plenty to love when you visit Rough Cut Social.

In my free time, I enjoy queso sampling, naps, French onion soup, and traveling!!”

What's your main Unique Selling Proposition?

Eat. Sleep. Axe Throwing. Repeat.

Who is a good lead for you?

Families, friends, people celebrating anything, corporate events, team building

What results will clients see from your services/products?

Better coordination, fun for everyone, great exercise, stress release, learn a new skill, bragging rights, team building, increased endurance, improves reaction times